Rift Platinum Guide

Learn how to make tons of platinum in Rift

Get a banker alt

Banker alts are nothing new. If you ever played an MMORPG before you most likely know what I’m talking about, and how much easier they can make your life.

A banker alt is basically a character you make in order to utilize additional inventory space and get easier access to the auction house. If you took all three gathering professions to make platinum it’s very likely that your characters inventory and your bank combined is simply not enough for all the materials you gather. In that case your options are to either get rid of those mats on the auction or create another character to hold it for you.

The latter is a preferable option, because you should never feel forced to sell items. You’ll often sell them underpriced in that case and waste even more platinum. Fortunately creating a banker alt doesn’t require a lot of work. Basically you make another character and get him to your faction’s capital city. Park him near a bank or a mailbox for convenience sake. You can then easily use his inventory to store items, as well as quickly relog from one character to another if you wish to sell some of the items on the auction house: it saves a lot of time since you won’t have to travel with your main character.

Just as with your main character, you should buy additional bags on your banker alt as well. They don’t have to have 16 slots immediately, but having additional space is always beneficial. Consider how much space you need and buy bags accordingly. You can even start with several 4-slot bags you get from quests or just buy them off the AH. They will pay off quickly.

Make sure you utilize the mailbox as well. It can be used as temporary storage if you need it. Also, if you run out of inventory room on your banker alt you can always make another. It might get a bit difficult to keep track of all items across several different characters, but if you keep for example ore on one character and herbs on another you’ll get used to it soon.

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Easiest way to have more gold

One of the most simple and easiest ways you will have more platinum in Rift is by making sure your bags are always empty. Often times when you’re doing quests and participating in Rifts you don’t have enough room to pick up all the items dropped from monsters. Even worse, I’ve been known to sometimes destroy green quest rewards because I had no room for some better items.

It’s absolutely the worst thing you can do. Sometimes you simply have no choice though as you have to prioritize: I’d rather destroy a 1g worth of item than a 2g item, but it’s still just a huge waste. I definitely recommend you fill out your bag slots as soon as you can.

Where to get bags?

  1. Quest rewards – certain quests will award you with bags
  2. Monster drops – although not very frequently and you can’t count on it really, you will get bags even from random monsters you kill
  3. Vendors – you can always go to the nearest “General Goods” vendor and purchase bags
  4. Auction house – auction house is also a source for bags, and quite frequently a lot cheaper than vendors. If you’re passing by make sure to take a look, you might just strike a very cheap deal.

Inventory space can be a significant problem especially if you take all three gathering professions in order to make the most money. In that case you will have tons and tons of materials with you at all times which you definitely won’t be selling to vendors. It’s easy with random green, white and gray quality items which you can sell whenever you’re at a quest hub, but these stacks of materials are worth far more on the auction house.

In conclusion, this is the most newbie and also the most important platinum making tip I can give you. Make sure your inventory is never full so you can always loot EVERYTHING. Even the gray quality items which sell for decent amounts and if you’re serious about making platinum, every silver counts.

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